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artists’ statement

It one day became clear that there was a need for more couture objects that heralded a new generation’s ‘traditions’; a contemporary take on the likes of Leleu, Niemeyer, and Parzinger.  Our debut collection of furniture is a departure from the expected traditions — it is truly transitional.  This playful and animated nod to a more recent past creates engaging contradictions and visual poeticism resulting in designs that exhibit a dreamscape quality and still maintains a grip on purpose and reason.

Every design is an original thought developed in close collaboration with the world’s most engaging artisans, comfortably combining age-old techniques with the most modern technologies available. Each item has its own fingerprint, whether it is the distinctiveness of hand-carved and hammered patterns, matchless three-dimensional forms, or unique timbers. The pieces are meant to engage the viewer thoughtfully as part of a considered and personalised interior. Never averse to taking artistic risks, we employ tasteful methods that do not suggest gimmickry. Our goal is to create heirloom items filled with undiluted personality.

Thomas Hamel

Thomas Hamel is the author of the acclaimed book “Thomas Hamel, Residence” and is well known as one of Australia’s leading tastemakers. Born in Virginia, Hamel arrived in New York during the 80′s to study design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and continued his studies at the American College in London. Afterward he worked at the world-renowned Parish-Hadley design studio where he was inspired to develop the underlying current of timeless tradition in his design – keeping in touch with significant trends, but never depending on fluctuating fashions or gimmickry to make a mark. He relocated to Sydney, Australia in 1991 to found his own design firm becoming a fixture of the international design community since. Inspired by regular travels around the world to gather inspiration and source objects of interest, Hamel collects and combines varied cultural influences in a fluid manner and has coined “cross-pollination” and “intelligent editing” as the driving forces behind his global design aesthetic.

Dylan Farrell

Dylan Farrell, a native New Yorker, graduated from Pratt Institute’s School of Industrial Design in 1998. Following his studies, he took up a professorship at the same institution while practicing street art, antique restoration, prosthetic make-up design, and musical composition. After travelling for various projects and grants abroad, he later formed a Brooklyn-based design consultancy along with his wife, Nicolette. Many of the independent and collaborative consultancy works developed under their banner are widely recognised. He met Thomas Hamel in 2009 and relocated to work alongside Hamel in Sydney, Australia. Farrell’s “narrative design style” is a reflection of paradoxical influences including contemporary abstract sculpture, graffiti, period antiquities, deconstructivism, and late-19th-century technical drawing.